Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mandy Patinkin Completes my Homeland Cast Pieces

I've never met Mandy Patinkin or gotten his autograph before, and back in 2012 during season two of Homeland I was saying it might be the best show on the air.  Unfortunately, then season three came on the air, and it felt like a completely different show. It was such a momentous drop-off in quality, and for me it went from must watch tv in season one and two, two completely unwatchable in season three.  But hey, I still fondly remember the quality of the show and it made me pretty happy to meet Mandy Patinkin recently and complete my three trio shots I started in 2012 that already had Claire Danes and Damian Lewis on them.  Completing any two year projects makes me happy. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chloe Grace Moretz from If I Say & The Equalizer

If I had to guess which current teenage actor will end up becoming a big megastar in a decade I would probably put my money on Chloe Moretz.  She takes a lot of good roles in all kinds of different types of movies.  She seems very nice and down to earth in person the times I've met her.   I think her career path in most certainly on the upswing.  So when she's out doing press events in Los Angeles, I like to go and get some autographs.  Because who knows, maybe ten years from now she will be such a big megastar that I will be able to say "I got her autograph over a decade ago when she was just starting out".

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sam Smith! Stay With Me! Autographs! Photos!

I met British singer Sam Smith recently and he was ridiculously nice and friendly with the fans.  He signed a ton for everyone, took pictures with anyone who asked, personalized items for fans who asked.  He seemed like a humble and genuinely nice celeb.  If you haven't checked out his music, go over to youtube and watch some his videos.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ethan Hawke completes my Training Day

Back in 2012 I got Denzel Washington's autograph on a Training Day 11x14.  Training Day is one of my favorite movies so I wanted to eventually get Ethan Hawke to sign the photo, and then frame it and put it up on my wall.  The problem with that is Ethan Hawke is not someone you see all the time.  I saw him in 2013 but it was only from 100 yards away and he didn't come over to sign. Other than that I had not seen him the last three years. Well luckily for me he was out recently.  Unfortunately, I could not make it. But my buddies Pete and Andy were nice enough to take my photo and get it signed for me.  Thank you fellas.  This bad boy is going up on the wall.
Below: Here's Ethan completing my photo
Below: Denzel when he signed back in 2012