Friday, June 29, 2012

Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy

I got a call late Tuesday evening saying Charlie Hunnam was out in Hollywood and had just went into a restaurant.  Immediately I grabbed my Sons of Anarchy helmets and flew out the door.  I managed to get there just in time to catch Charlie.  He is a really nice guy and is always pretty good about signing. I had along my cast helmet which was previously signed by: Ron, Katey, Theo, Tommy, David Labrava, Kurt Sutter, and Dayton Callie; and also another helmet that was just signed by Ron Perlman.    Charlie signed them both for me.  His autograph is a little different this year. He's signing "Charlie H" this year and has been pretty consistent with adding the year "2012" and "Jax".   Last year when I got him he was signing "Charlie Hunnam" and I never got "2011".   It's funny how celebrities autographs are ever changing.  But I left pretty ecstatic to get Charlie on my two helmets. 
 Below Charlie got a little silver on his thumb :) 
Here's my cast helmet that now has 8 cast members on it. 
 Here's my helmet that has the Ron Perlman autograph on the other side. 

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